Acnevelle - 60 Capsules

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Acnevelle is a complimentary medicine oral supplement. Patients taking the supplement reported an 88% improvement in their skin after 8 weeks. 83% of patients were satisfied with their results after as little as 4 weeks. Acnevelle should be used in conjunction with the Clarity range 
as their effects are synergistic for problematic skin.

Main ingredients:


Zinc Picolinate


Barrier replacement therapy, anti-itch effects, anti-redness benefits, reduces skins sensitivity, anti-inflammatory effects.


Acnevelle should be used in conjunction with a topical preparation containing a retinoid for optimal results.  Initially 2 capsules daily. This may be increased to 2 capsules twice daily in more extensive cases. Use of this treatment for at least 4-8 weeks continually.


Clients on isotretinoin, pregnancy, allergy to nicotinamide or zinc, cystic acne and uncontrolled medical illness were excluded from study

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