Posted by Guinot on 2nd Sep 2015

Guinot Age Summum Treatment

Reduces Signs of Aging in 50 Minutes

People go to great lengths to look young. 58 percent of women consider plastic surgery to delay the appearance of physical signs of aging. Guinot has a two-step alternative: 1) anti-aging products for at-home use and 2) anti-aging salon treatments for immediate action against the signs of aging (crow’s feet, laugh lines, loss of firmness around the contours of the face).

Passing time, fatigue, sun exposure, or an unhealthy lifestyle all cause the skin to age. Guinot’s new facial treatment reduces the signs of aging in under an hour by regenerating, firming, and restoring radiance.

How it works:


Dermabrasion to resurface skin and eliminate dead cells followed by a powerful anti-aging serum to help stimulate cell rejuvenation.


Anti-aging facial massage to firm facial tissue

Restoring Radiance

Active pro-collagen face mask to restore the radiant glow of youthful skin

Expert aestheticians recommend augmenting this treatment at home with complementary products such as Age Logic Cellulaire, Beaute Neuve, TimeLogic Age Serum, and Masque Eclat Lifting.


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