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OR-Light Yperion Technology

The New Generation of Intensive Pulse Light (IPL)

OR-Light is an advanced, safe and effective technological system from France. An almost painless technique, providing long-lasting hair removal, highly effective skin repair and photo-lifting treatment using unique patented Square Pulse Light (SPL). Suitable for all skin types.

OR-Light is manufactured in France and complies with all international requested certification: CE, CE Medical, FDE, Curtis Strauss and more.

“Intensive Pulsed Light” or IPL technology is the most effective and most comfortable system on the pulsed light market: energy is transmitted in the form of a single pulse of constant power.. This technological advancement makes it possible to work with optimal efficiency, while drastically reducing the risk of burning.

Contrary to “laser” which emits a very narrow beam of light, generally in only one specific wave length, “ IPL” devices release their light in a broad spectrum and wide range of wave lengths. It is therefore easy to understand that “laser” will be dedicated to one specific treatment only while serious ”IPL” devices will be able to treat a large variety of aesthetic problems, providing they are adequately fitted with reliable optic system, filters and electronic .

How does it work: When penetrating the skin, light is absorbed by natural pigments: the melanin, the haemoglobin and the water, called “chromophores”. “Chromophores” then turn the light into heat and direct it to the treatment target.


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