Hyaluronic Acid Kit 3 x 30ml

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Base on the restorative power of Hyaluronic Acid(HA), this innovative skin care kit offers an effective approach to skin renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrikles fpr revived look and silky smooth feel. HA is a vital component of younger looking, beautiful skin, preservung moisture, enhancing skin repair, boosting collagen and elastin, and protecting the skin with natural, supportive barrier against the elements. Designed for mature skin, the HA-based formias are fortified with LipigenineTM, a rich, innovative moisturizing agent that maintains the skin's natural lipid balance and protects against dryness for a smoother skin effect. The anti-aging action of ChronogenTM is designed to optimize the skin's natural regenerative cycles for an enhanced anti-aging effect that supports the skin's repair mechanisms and reduce signs of aging. A boost of Resveratrol, bursting with natural plant antioxidants that helps to fight free radicals, works together with soothing plant oils, vitamins A, E and pro-vitamin B5, pure Dead Sea minerals, and hydrarich squalane, extracted from organic olives, for improved skin flexibility, enhanced moisture balance, and naturally youthful luminosity.


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