Pigment-White - 50ml

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Brightening Care (Dark Spots + Radiance)

A triple action brightening skincare products: dark spots, evenness radiance. Corrects all types of dark spots + anti-yellow, ant-red, anti-grey action.

Recommendation: Dark spots induced by sun, ageing, pregnancy mask, uneven skin tone. 

  • Dark spot correction x3 :  Minerals with crystalline structure - immediate correction with blur effect. Hexylresorcinol - molecule renowned for its antioxidant and antiseptic properties, has powerful inhibiting action on melanin synthesis. Antioxidant polyphenol(derived from the leaves of the olive tree) inhibits the synthesis of lipofusion, a pigment responsible of age spots. 
  • Colour-control Evenness : Carcinine - powerful anti-glycan that removes this yellow tone from the complexion. Gliuconlactone - ultra-high performance resurfacing to gently remove grey tone from the skin. Vitamin B3 - renown for its anti-inflammatory properties, repairing and  soothing (ant-red)
  • Light Revealer x3: Vitamin C derivative (extracted from the Kakadu plum) boost hyaluronic  acid synthesis, boosts pro-collagen for a smoothing effect. Polysaccharide - forms of protective film on the skin surface for a strong hygroscopic power loads up with water to smooth away fine dehydration lines. NCTF - recreates the ideal cell environment to revitalize deeply.

Also ideal as an alternative to laser, IPL and anti-spot peeling treatment.


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