Sillicium Concentrate

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Sillicium Concentrate ???- 30ml

  • Intensive Restructuring Cellular Booster. Re-firming and re-sculpting skincare, this rich, concentrated serum amplifies the effects of Sillisium Cream for an incomparably supply and velvety finish on the skin.
  • By fighting against visible wrinkle and skin slackening, this concentrated serum soaks the skin in active ingredients to redefine facial contours.
  • Wrinkle appear as if pushed out from the inside and facial contours seem lifted.
  • It instantly brings comfort and a velvety finish to the skin.
  • Apply morning and evening under Sillicium cream or Hyaluronic Cream as a one-month intensive treatment and repeat several times a year.
  • Ideal for women of 40 years and over with pronounced wrinkles and loss of firmness to the eyelids, facial contours and neck.


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