Yperion OR-Light – The New Generation of Intensive Pulsed Light (ILP)

An almost pain free progressively hair removal. Up to 30% reduction of unwanted hair even after first treatment.

Q. I’ve heard of IPL, what is SPL?

A. It is the latest French innovation square spectrum natural light, filtered to remove Ultraviolet and Infrared wavelengths. This light targets the melanin (pigment)in the hair, causing virtually all actively growing hair to fall out in the treated area, 1-3 weeks after treatment.

Q. How does the OR-Light remove hair?

A. The light beam penetrates skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This action heats the hair and is transmitted to the roots of the hair, resulting in it being heated to a temperature of 70C for milliseconds, thus disabling it. Hair follicles are destroyed by each flash resulting in the hairs falling out 1-3 weeks after treatment.

Q. How do we know the treatment was successful?

A. In the most cases there are no visible side effects. Immediately following treatment it is usually possible to tweeze out the hair which confirms treatment success. Redness or “goose bumps” are also indication of successful treatment. Hair is detached from its roots but remains in the sheath during renewal of the epidermis (PEELING). A light exfoliation 10-15 days after the session will assist in the shedding of the treated hairs.

Q. Is the any down time for the client?

A. Not at all, in fact these are perfect “lunch time treatment”. Although side effects are uncommon, it is wise to avoid direct sun exposure for 2 weeks preceding your treatment and for a few days after treatment an SPF sun block is recommended.

Q. How many treatments are required?

A. The OR-Light can only treat hair in the growth phase. Approximately 10 – 20% of all hair are in their growth phase at any one time. Certain “resting” hair can also become active due to the age and hormonal influences. Other factors which may influence results include hair colour and thickness. Everyone is different and several session (+/_ 6-8 ), may be needed. After having completed the treatment programme, one or two annual maintenance may be required.

Q. Is the Square Pulsed Light (SPL) the same as laser?

A. No. Laser operates on the single wavelength and is exclusively adapted to a specific type of the skin and hair colour. Because of its wide spectrum, the OR-Light is more diverse in the use than a laser and successfully performs hair, freckle, pigmentation, capillary, puffiness, line, wrinkle etc reduction and/or removal.

Q. Who can be treated?

A. The darker the hair the better result. Light and fine hairs can be treated, however with difficulty. White and red hair cannot be successfully removed. Although the OR-Light effectively and safely treats skin types 1-5, a test patch may be performed to confirm treatment suitability. Dark and tanned skin may be treated with caution.

Q. Why is necessary to shave the area?

A. Shaving is necessary to avoid the dissipation of energy at the skin surface. If the hair is not shaved, there is a decrease in the efficiency as well as a greater risk to discomfort and side effects.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. The sensation is that of an elastic band snapped against the skin. Most people find it less painful than waxing. Comfort levels vary from person to person depending on skin and hair colour, as well as hair size and density. Our built-in cooling system and patented square pulsed technology ensures a safe and comfortable treatment.

Q. Are there any visible side effects?

A. Most people experience no visible side effects however, in some cases; it may take several hours for redness or “goose bumps” to disappear.


* Discount available when treating multiple areas

Her Price List
Upper Lip R   280
Chin R   350
Sideburns/Cheeks R   350
Ears / Nose R   250
Face – Half R   625
Face – full R   825
Underarms R   600
Arms – Upper R1 300
Arms R1 650
Hands R   380
Fingers R   250
Bikini   – Standard R   600
Bikini   – Brazilian R   800
Bikini   – Hollywood R1 000
Half Leg R1 750
Full Leg R3 150
Toes R   200
His Price List
Sideburns/Cheeks R   900
Beard R1 100
Face – Full R1 600
Underarms R   800
Shoulders R1 500
Back and Shoulders R3 500
Half Back R2 250
Full Back R3 200
Chest R1 375
Chest and Tummy R2 680
Tummy R1 300
Half Leg R2 200
Full Leg R3 800



OR-Light Yperion Technology

The New Generation of Intensive Pulse Light (IPL)

OR-Light is an advanced, safe and effective technological system from France. An almost painless technique, providing long-lasting hair removal, highly effective skin repair and photo-lifting treatment using unique patented Square Pulse Light (SPL). Suitable for all skin types.

OR-Light is manufactured in France and complies with all international requested certification: CE, CE Medical, FDE, Curtis Strauss and more.

“Intensive Pulsed Light” or IPL technology is the most effective and most comfortable system on the pulsed light market: energy is transmitted in the form of a single pulse of constant power.. This technological advancement makes it possible to work with optimal efficiency, while drastically reducing the risk of burning.

Contrary to “laser” which emits a very narrow beam of light, generally in only one specific wave length, “ IPL” devices release their light in a broad spectrum and wide range of wave lengths. It is therefore easy to understand that “laser” will be dedicated to one specific treatment only while serious ”IPL” devices will be able to treat a large variety of aesthetic problems, providing they are adequately fitted with reliable optic system, filters and electronic .

How does it work: When penetrating the skin, light is absorbed by natural pigments: the melanin, the haemoglobin and the water, called “chromophores”. “Chromophores” then turn the light into heat and direct it to the treatment target.