SVR [Cera] Biotic – 50 ml


SVR [Cera] Biotic Regenerating Filling Balm, 24 hour comfort in a nourishing texture.  Wonderful for dry, wrinkled skin that losses its firmness.

Regenerate your skin with a combination for these three ingredients:

  • Pasteurized probiotics:  strengthens the skin barrier and hydrates the skin.  Skin is better equipped to face daily external aggressors
  • Stabilized vitamin C:  vital for skin but our bodies do not produce it naturally.  The stabilized Vit. C protects the skin against free radicals gives it a more even tone, firmer and less tired.  The complexion is radiant
  • Hyaluronic Acid with a low molecular weight:  its acetylated form smooth wrinkles and fine lines while hydrating the skin
  • Ceramides:  lipids that are essential to strengthen the hydro-lipids film, restore the skin barrier and fill out wrinkles, enriched with
  • Babassu Butter:  nourishes, softens and firms the skin.  Skin is strengthen, dehydrated and visibly firmer.

Use:  Apply evenly to face and neck morning and/or evening.  Excellent makeup base

Skin Type:  Dry, Dehydrated skin with loss of firmness

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