SVR Cicavit+ Creme SPF 50+ – 40 ml


Micro-repair complex, soothing, repairing, anti-mark and protecting cream. This cream is for baby – child and adults with damaged and irritated skin exposed to the sun. Cicavit + SPF 50+ is an intense soothing treatment that accelerates skin repair times 7!

UVA / UVB filter technology & antioxidant complex:  protects against visible and infrared light, targets all types of ray’s to limit the risk of red and brown marks.

Exposure to the sun during the 3 key healing processes for damaged skin eg. the inflammation phase, the repair phase or the re-modeling phase can aggravate the skin, leading to the appearance red or brown marks. The formula in this cream encourages repair during each phase while protecting against sun damage for healthy skin.

Polysaccharide rich in rhamnose:  forms a protective film and prevents bacteria to sticking on the skin surface. Reduce redness and heat.

Prebiotic sugar:  re-balances the skins flora by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacterial flora to optimize the speed and quality repair.

Apply generously and evenly to clean and dry skin before sun exposure.  Repeat application frequently to maintain protection.

Skin Type:  All skin types with damaged irritated skins that needs sun protection.

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