SVR Clairial Cible – 4 g


Clarial Cible is a concentrated powder to treat localized brown spots on the face, decollete and hands.  This super-concentrated powder with active depigmenting  ingredients ensures instant  and long-lasting action on the appearance  of brown spots and skin radiance with visible results after 2 weeks!!  The powdery texture turns into a cream on contact with the skin for precision targeting.

  • Ferulate derivative:  depigments and whitens skin
  • Marine micro-organisms:  act on vascularisation to prevent brown spots reappearing
  • Keratolytic complex:  instantly acts to reduce brown spots and resurface the skin
  • 2% stabilised Vit. C:  lightening, anti-oxidant action, activates radiance and unifies the skin


STEP 1:  Use the dropper to deposit the desired amount on your fingertip or palm.

STEP 2:  Apply to localized brown spots and massage into the skin.  The powder instantly turns into cream, releasing its actives directly onto affected areas.

STEP 3:  Repeat for all brown spots

You can complete your brown spot treatment routine with your serum and creme 10.

Skin Type:  For all types of sensitive skins with localized brown spots on the face, decollete and hands.

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