SVR Masque B3 Hydra Intensive Sheet Mask – 12 ml


Soothing, hydrating and replumping.

12ml Dermatological mask in natural biocellulose for an immediate rehydrated and plumed skin.

Vitamin B3 + Hyaluronic acid:  This mask, concentrated in Vitamin B3 soothes, smoothed and hydrates for 24 hours straight.  The skin quality improves as these leading multi-corrective ingredients strengthen and restore the skin barrier.

The hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight replenish the water reservoir on the surface of the epidermis for a plumping effect. this product is formulated with 17 ingredients and even the most sensitive skin can use it.

Use on a clean skin, unfold the mask, peel off both protective films and lay it on the face. Tap lightly to ensure it adhere properly.  Allow the skin to soak up the formula for 15 minutes.  After removing the mask you can massage the excess into the skin.  No need to apply moisturiser afterwords.

Skin Type:  Sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, discomfort, wrinkles.

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