SVR Sebiaclear Active Gel – 40 ml


Intensive care for spots, blackheads, anti marks

Gluconolactone 14% + Niacinamide 4%:  Anti-blemish action (spot, blackheads, residual marks) to regulate excess sebum and tightens pores. It limits bacterial proliferation.

Retinoid-like + Hyaluronic acid:  Combat signs of ageing. Protects and plumps up the skin.  Smooths away wrinkles and lines.

Sebiaclear Active is an intensive treatment that combat severe blemishes.  While it combats skin imperfections, will offer long lasting hydration and a matifying action. Expect results in 7 days!

Apply a dab to clean skin, morning and evening, on its own or to complement dermatological treatment.

Skin Type:  Adults with sensitive and oily acne-prone skin.

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