SVR Sensifine Dermo Nettoyant – 200 ml


Makeup removing cleanser, instant soothing, face, eyes and lips

Agent hydratant + Niacinamide:  Moisturizing agent to soothe and restore the skin barrier.

A mineral formula with nine ingredients.  It has 0% parabens, alcohol, preservatives, surfactant silicone and mineral oil. Thus make it possible to use for contact lens wearers, sensitive, intolerant and poly-allergic skins.

Hyaluronic acid + Vitamin B3: Moisturize and brightens the skin

Massage gently into skin with your fingertips, then blot with a cotton pas without rubbing.  Can be rinsed of or left on the skin.

Skin Type:  Sensitive, intolerant and poly-allergic skin. Face, eyes and lips.

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