SVR Spirial Creme – 50 ml


48 hours intensive anti-perspirant deodorant cream

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Children over the age of 3 (on medical advise), teenagers and adults. Underarms, feet, hands, skin creases and face.

Aluminium chloride:  Best-tolerated form of aluminium salts to regulate perspiration for a sustained period and absorbs humidity.

Deodorant suitable for multiple areas of the body with an intense  48-hour antiperspirant action, even in extreme situations (sport or stress). Formulated with high concentration of sweat-regulating agents to control perspiration and combat bad odors.  The creamy, non-sticky and non-greasy texture leaves the skin soft and comfortable.

Apply on clean, dry skin. Can be used after hair-removal or shaving

Skin Type:  All skin Types even the most sensitive skin. Normal to excessive sweating

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