SVR Sun Secure Creme SPF 50+ – 50 ml


Very high sun protection in a comfort cream with an invisible finish and non-greasy touch. Water-resistant cream for all types of sensitive skin from age 3 for face only.

Targeted all types of sun rays!!  It offers very high dermatological protection in velvety cream with an invisible, non greasy finish. Its  suited for normal, dry or sensitive skin as this product melts into the skin with generous hydrating properties.  Its very resistant to sweat, water and towel-drying for ultimate protection!

Photo-stable organic filters:  This forms a physical barrier on the surface of the skin and protects against UVA and UVB.

Antioxidant liposomal comlpex (beta-carotene + detoxophane):  Protects against infrared and visible light by forming a cellular shield.

Niacinamide:  Repair cellular damage caused by sun exposure

Apply to the face in the morning and before sun exposure.  Repeat application frequently in case of prolonged exposure.

Skin Type:  All types of sensitive skin from age 3.

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