SVR Xerial 30 Creme – 100 ml


Xerial 30 Rich Body Cream is a anti-roughness, keratosis pilaris, rough, thickened skin + ingrown hair urea cream. Suitable for ages from 3 years up.  Reduces rough or bumpy skin leaving the skin smooth to look at and touch with an extra hydrated feel,

  • Keratolytic actives and emollients:  moisturize
  • Urea Technology:  sloughs away dead skin smooth, supple and intensely hydrated for 24 hours
  • Shea butter and allantoin:  nourishing, protecting, soothing
  • Paraben – Fragrance free

Use:  Apply to the body or effected areas once or twice daily.

Skin Type:  Sensitive dry and flaky skin on arms, legs. elbows, knees and body.  Bumpy and ingrown hair.

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