SVR Xerial 50 Extreme Pieds – 50 ml


Xerial 50 Creme Pieds, extreme foot cream reduces calluses and corns in 7 days!! 50% urea foot cream for calluses, corns, deep cracks + areas of hard skin. Suitable for ages from 3 years up.  Repairs and prevents the appearance of calluses, corns and deep cracks while nourishing and softening dry and damaged skin.

24 hour moisturizing and calluses prevention cream.  No-greasy formula spreads and absorbs easily. Helps the reappearance of new hard skin.

  • Urea Technology:  sloughs away dead skin smooth, supple and intensely hydrated for 24 hours
  • High concentration of salicylic acid:   to reduce stubborn calluses and corns on very dry feet in just 7 days.

Use:  Apply twice-daily  on effected areas using circular motions until you achieve the desired results. Store at room temperature.

Skin Type:  Calluses, corns, deep cracks or areas with hard skin.  Suitable for ages 3 years and older

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