Mesoestetic – Tricology Hair Solution

“Mesoestetic Pharma Group has invested a great deal in hair strengthening and density studies, making the company a leader in the field of hair loss.” Doctors and trichologists use a cocktail of mesohyal BIOTIN and mesohyal NCTC, which is administered through a course of traditional mesotherapy. Excellent results can be achieved over 5-8 sessions.

This is an in-salon treatment of 5 to 8 sessions in 2 week intervals. Home care is recommended for the best results.

The treatment is combined of two simple steps:

Stimulating and exfoliating the scalp. As a rule it is important to prepare the skin for the treatment by exfoliating and removing any build-up around the hair follicles. Stimulation is encouraged to promote cellular renewal for optimal product penetration.

Micro-needling with Tricology Hair Loss Solution. Micro-needling triggers the body’s wound healing response, and studies have shown that wound healing stimulates blood circulation which increases the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. This stimulates the proteins in the hair whiich help develope new follicles, resulting in the improvement of hair loss.

Products needed for home care are two simple products:

Tricology Shampoo has a dermo-compatible pH with a smooth and non-irritating formula. It induces a scalp revitalising action, working to slow down male and female androgenic alopecia. It ennhances blood flow which promotes the arrival of nutrients, stimulates hair follicles and moisturises the hair. It contains serena repens extract, vitamin PP, vitamin B6and zinc. Use every alternative night.

Tricology Lotion is an intensive anti-hair loss treatment which reevitalises the scalp, fights male and female ondrogenic alopecia, enhances blood flow and moissturises the hair. It contains trisaccharides, follicusan, cegaba, biotin and vitamin B6. Use every alternate morning.

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